Various types of e commerce transactions for the people of different walks of life

E commerce is at large, one of the most thriving ways of trade and has been adopted by most of the entrepreneurs in order to reach a higher level of business and profits. E commerce is advantageous in many ways and the most important being the cost effectiveness. There are also not much of geographical barriers far carrying out the business and their promotions. E commerce does not just involve the interactions of the consumers and the business entrepreneurs. It may also have the consumers interacting with other consumers or the business developers with other business developers. There are various types of e commerce that have evolved down the years and with the internet becoming more and more accessible to the common people, the e commerce is gaining more recognition among the masses. Since then there have been various types of e commerce models that have made it more and more reliable for the traders and merchants. There are also different types of e commerce applications that have evolved with the technology thus multiplying the possibility of disseminating e commerce. It has already been in prominence with the number of types of e commerce payment systems available online.

Various types of e commerce models or transactions

There are various types of e commerce models or transactions which have made it popular among the merchants.

B2B e commerce model

This is one of the most prevalent types of e commerce transactions. B2B e commerce or the business to business e commerce is the selling of the products within the several companies. In the beginning, it did not receive the desired response, but in the years later it had grown exponentially and has now become a crucial part in every e commerce entity. There have been higher profits with the use of these e commerce models when compared to the other types of e commerce models. Within the B2B model there are a number of software that have been behind the success of this method.

Three exchanges of B2B are operated. The first one being, buyer controlled, it is actually a syndicate or a consortium of buyers where their purchases are aggregated. An example of this kind of B2B e comer model is the coming together of Ford, General Motors, Daimler Chrysler and Toyota. This process may come in handy for the efficient management of the procurement process, uniform pricing and a low cost of administration.

The other category is the seller controlled where the sellers who handle the fragmented markets form a consortium thus creating a common trading place for the buyers. While the market power of the seller is aggregated, the buyers can easily look for alternative sources.

B2C e commerce model

B2C is one of the types e commerce models which involves the business and consumers and the most common segment of e commerce. This is a business where the sales are made generally to the consumers instead of other businesses. Here you will have to pay attention to the ways of attracting customers to your website and gain their trust. The advantage of this type of e commerce models is that there are no huge investments required for beginning a business. This is because the different types of e commerce applications have seen far more developments of the template based online stores using which they are introduced to the customers.

The latest application technology of the internet can be made use of to develop individual sites along with graphics and logos for the retailers to enhance their business. Without the requirement of any other hardware or software, the only charge they will have to pay is their monthly rentals. Some of the other advantages that the consumers can enjoy are that the shopping done over the internet can be faster and easier with a number of deals offered by the retailers.

B2E e commerce model

B2E or business to employee model is the next one of the various types of e commerce models which refers to the demanding of supplies by the employees for their job. The B2E e commerce model has grown along with the technology and enable the employee to access the employee records for the updating of address, maintenance of the internal resume or any shift investments. There has since been a drastic diminution in the administrative chores with the department of human resources. Though the up keeping of the employee records has less to do with commerce, it has a major part to play in the definition of the business to employee e commerce model.

C2C e commerce model

The C2C e commerce model is the type of e commerce model which involves two people in business online with no intermediary entailed in the process. This has largely helped to create a society that is individual and independent. One of the best examples of the C2C e commerce model is the auctions that take place online and the classified ads and forums where the common man can get involved in the business with another man. There are various types of e commerce payment systems through which the required payments can be made out of which the large value payment system and retail payment system are primary ones., for instance is one of the best online auction site where the trade can be made by any individual.

C2B e commerce model

A business enterprise can gain largely through the individual projects of a consumer and this is done with the help of the C2B e commerce model where the consumer sells any of his remarkable projects online. From the bids that he receives he can choose the company of his choice. According to analysts, this is one of the various types of e commerce models that are likely to flourish in the near future and that the construction of these systems is quite a challenging task because of their heterogeneous nature. They may also invoke the most usual types of payment systems for the commerce.
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